Troubleshooting Your Slowing Slot Car 

Slot Cars on a Track

Tips on Fixing Slot Cars That Are Getting Slow

When you are playing with slot cars it can be quite frustrating for the action to stop when it does not function the way it should. Power issues, slowing down at certain points on the track, derailing etc., are common issues encountered by many slot car fans. The good news is that all of these problems can be addressed. Here are some solutions for the most common slot car issues.

Car Slowing thru Right Turns

One of the most common problems seen with slot cars is slowing down and then dragging through tight turns. If this is the case the first step you need to do is to take the car and run it by hand through the affected turn and then see and feel what it does. The most common problem in this scenario is the front wheel dragging through the turn. What you need to do is to lower front wheel friction and you are golden.

Another cause of the problem is the rear magnetism may be too much along the center/forward/aft axis that result in the guide to drag because the rear is not allowed to track through the turn correctly.  If this is the case, you can lower the central magnetic traction by using a multi-group setup or alternatively you may also move the existing magnet forward just a bit in order to lower the magnet to guide distance.

Car Slowing in Straights

This is another common problem encountered when slot car racing.  If the slot car seems to accelerate initially but loses power afterwards what you may be seeing are the effect of the rear tires expanding or vibrating and rubbing the chassis. Sometimes you might hear a “whooshing” noise if this is the case. The solution is to glue the rear tires to the wheels to prevent the expansion and thus correcting the problem.  It might be wise at this point to also see if the axle is not busted.

Here are some other great maintenance tips for you to watch.