How to Troubleshoot Power Issues in Slot Cars

Carrera Slot Cars on track

Having Power Issues with Your Slot Car Set?

When it comes to Carrera slot car systems, the controller should immediately respond to any input the player makes and the power should remain constant if there is consistent voltage applied.  In the event that the car does not respond in this way or simply hesitates at certain portions of the track then chances are something is definitely wrong with the power circuit to the motor.  Here are some troubleshooting steps to solve power fluctuations in your slot car.

Car Slows Down on Sections of Track

If this occurs and if only to this one particular car then the issue is most probably associated with the guide braid. Your first step is to ensure that it is clean and can be serviced. Do only use something with a soft thin consistency and then adjust it so that it can make correct contact with the track. The most ideal way to do this is to first darken the room and then drive the Carrera slot car slowly around. If you notice the presence of sparks on one or both the braids then that means it has momentarily lost connection with the power rails. The problem may be with the track and therefore you need to clean it first as necessary. You then readjust the braids and ensure that the correct rail spacing and height is followed.

If cleaning and adjusting the braids does not work your left with one solution, which is to replace the guide shoe.  If you notice no sparking present but the car somehow still loses power then check also the contacts on your other slot cars. Be sure to review the eyelets and see if they are installed securely and that all connecting wires and solder joints are ok.

Intermittent Shorting of Traction Magnet

While it may not be related to power, another issue you may want to consider as well is intermittent shorting out of the track at one or more possible points. As it shorts, it takes power off and therefore slows the car down. This problem is serious because it can potentially meld the track connections to the point of being unusable.  One quick solution is to paint the bottom of the magnets on the car and then run it around the track. You then carefully inspect it for evidence of the paint and then simply raise the magnet.